Student of the month

We are pleased to present to you our Student of the Month: 

Sarah Gainsford Rich

It is a pleasure to present this lovely lady with the Student of the Month Award.  Having gone from watching her son take part in our children's BJJ class, to getting stuck into the Ladies Only Boxing class, right to climbing on the mats and giving everyone a run for their money in BJJ.  Not only is this lady an awesome mum, wife and person, she's an awesome student with a thirst to learn the right way!  

Sarah, tell me how did you get involved with Gracie Barra Bath?

Well I know Salvatore's sister in-law Giovanna Armato Pace, who told me about the children's BJJ class for my son Joshua.  Having watched Joshua train for almost a year now, and a little bit of encouragement from Salvo, I thought I'd give it a try. 

As a mum what do you think about the sport?

Honestly, I love it! It's a great sport for everyone not just for athletes.  Men and women of all ages can come get involved and feel they are in a safe enough environment (especially here at GB Bath) to learn something new.

What inspired you to take up BJJ?

Watching my son Josh growing/developing in the sport.  He's more confident and sure in himself.  The sport has helped him grow and given him discipline in a fun way.  I started coming to the Ladies Boxing class first and Salvatore said I should give BJJ a try and now I'm addicted. 

(how do I say this without sounding rude)
What would you to say to the ladies who feel they are more than likely a little too old to start taking up something like BJJ? 

 You've got to go for it! Age is not a boundary or an excuse in this sport!  It's fun and everyone looks after you. 

What do you like about Gracie Barra Bath in particular?

Everyone here is so friendly and helpful.  Everyone has helped me progress and understand the sport.  We are definitely a family here who look out for each other.

Finally, do you think it has brought you and Joshua closer together?

Yes, most definitely.  We have a common interest and when we're at home we try out moves on each other.  We take time to watch youtube videos, tournaments etc, to help our understanding of the sport.  It's a great way to keep the both of us fit and healthy. 

All interviews are conducted by Paula Ralph